The Sarvodaya Nagarik Sahakari Bank Ltd. (Himatnagar)

Registration No: S/11564, Date: 01-07-1978,   RBI Licence No: UBD.GJ.881P


02772 242690


A 250.00 45.00 295.00
B 550.00 99.00 649.00
C 1,000.00 180.00 1,180.00
D 10,000.00 1,800.00 11,800.00
E 350.00 63.00 413.00
F 450.00 81.00 531.00
G 650.00 117.00 767.00
H 750.00 135.00 885.00
I 5,000.00 900.00 5,900.00

Terms and conditions :

  • The Locker holder is permitted to add or delete names from the list of persons who can operate the Locker and can have access to it.
  • The lockers are of different sizes and the rate of rent varies with the size of the locker. All rents are payable in advance within due date.
  • Those who opt for annual payment and default in payment will not be allowed tooperate the locker till the arrear rent is cleared.
  • Operations will be allowed during the declared hours of business.
  • Before you leave the Vault, please check that your Locker is closed properly.
  • Nomination facility is available for Safe Deposit Lockers also.
  • You can have an individual as well as joint locker account.
  • Locker will be allotted subject to availability. It is desirable to open an account in the name all of locker holders with our bank for debiting locker rent.
  • As far as possible, give standing instructions to debit locker rent.